Week days in the Starved Rock area

Well, it was a busy Memorial Day weekend here at the Brightwood Inn and the Starved Rock area in general. Once again they had to halt traffic to the parks because they were too full. The trails were choked with people, trash was over flowing the garbage cans and our guests reported they saw people were carving into the trees off the trails. People were wandering off the trails and one guy fell 40 feet in one of the canyons. It’s reported that he’s in good condition now. Conservation officers handed out 76 tickets. Things were pretty chaotic in the Village of North Utica. It was estimated that there were 96,000 people here over the weekend!! I gotta say, all the good press Starved Rock has been getting has it’s down side. I’ll be honest with you, I try not to leave the property on the weekends so that I don’t have to deal with the chaos.

But, when the week days come, things slow down quite nicely. There is a little more solitude to hiking the trails and it’s so much quieter. You can actually hear the birds, not other peoples conversations. Restaurants are less crowded, traffic is a breeze. The only thing is, once in a great while, you might get stuck behind one of the local farmers tractors, but don’t worry, it’s not for long. Everything is so much more relaxing here on the weekdays.  

So if that isn’t enough encouragement to get to come to the Starved Rock area (and preferably the Brightwood Inn) on the weekdays, we have our “Save Big Bucks” deal. Do you have the ability to stay two nights?  If you answered yes then we have a deal for you.   Stay 2 nights in Door County or Turkey Run and weโ€™ll give you $15 off per night.  Stay 2 nights in Mackinac or Sequoia and get $25 off per night.  Stay 2 nights in Vieux Carre, Tortola or Mallory Square and get $35 off per night.  Stay in the Aspen Suite and get $40 off per night. Now this is only valid for check in Sunday thru Wednesday.

So if you really want to relax AND save money, take a couple of days off and come to the Brightwood Inn during the week.

There is a reason that our motto is “Relax and enjoy”. ๐Ÿ™‚


You Deserve a Brightwood Vacation

brightwood inn vacationMaybe youโ€™re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and realize you havenโ€™t had a vacation in three years or surrounded by crying children and Calgon will just not take you away. You need some time to get away from it all and enjoy what life has to offer. You deserve a few days at Brightwood Inn and hereโ€™s why.

Life is stressful

Life isnโ€™t easy. It can be a struggle to get up every day and head to work. Maybe youโ€™re surrounded by people you donโ€™t like or do a job that isnโ€™t a fulfilling, but the bottom line is life stresses you out. Thereโ€™s plenty of time to work and do all the chores and responsibilities that come with being an adult, but where is the time for you. Do you get time for doing the things you love?

Vacation is not an option

People have a tendency to skip taking vacations because they donโ€™t want to take the time off work. ย You may get 2-4 weeks of vacation each year, but the vast majority of people will use only a fraction of it. This can be detrimental in many different ways. Jobs are demanding. They demand your time, focus, energy and that wears on you after a while. The last thing you or your employer wants is burn out. A nice relaxing vacation lets you reboot mentally, physically and emotionally.

Fun is healthy

What do you do during the week? Do you go hiking, explore new areas or visit travel destinations or do you stay home and watch television or other mundane acts? People need to enjoy themselves in ways only getting away can. You can indulge in foods you wouldnโ€™t normally eat and do activities that engage you physically and spiritually.

Brightwood Inn wants you to have the kind of experience youโ€™ll remember for the rest of your life. Youโ€™re surrounded by some of the most beautiful country the state has to offer and staying in place that puts your comfort and happiness above all else. You deserve a Brightwood Vacation.


Travel Tips: How To Plan For Place A Youโ€™ve Never Been

travel tips brightwood inHere at Brightwood Inn, we get people from all over visiting us. There are the locals who just want a few days of rest and recreation. There are the people from Chicago looking to get away from suburban living and those from around the country seeking a little peace and solitude.

Many times people come without much knowledge of the area or with only a few major spots they intend to check out such as Starved Rock. Here are some easy ways to plan out your trip and find out about the area you plan to visit. These work whether youโ€™re visiting northern Illinois or London.

Why do I need to know the area?

There are many benefits to a spontaneous trip or leaving the specifics in the air, but you could be missing out. Many places have unique areas, attraction, restaurants, etc. that are off the beaten path. You may not see them on the main roadways into the area. Also, towns have various events and festivals throughout the year and that might be a draw or an annoyance for vacationers. If you know about the area, then you can on attending or avoiding them.

Travel guides give you an overview

While youโ€™re more likely to find travel guides about Chicago, then Oglesby, that doesnโ€™t mean they donโ€™t have some great information. Statewide travel guides often give details about attractions, etc. by county. You can also check out the Illinois Tourism website to get information as well. The biggest problems with travel guides are the most informative are usually designed around a major urban area or attractions. Itโ€™s great if youโ€™re visiting San Francisco, but not if youโ€™re planning a weekend in a small community.

Ask friends and neighbors

People love talking about their vacations and if you know people that have been to the area before, donโ€™t be afraid to ask them about it. Find out their experiences at local restaurants and businesses. Keep in mind that their experiences may not have been typical. Every restaurant has a bad day, so if your dying to try a place, but youโ€™ve heard bad things, give it a try anyway. Friends and neighbors can also tell you about the best times to go to places. For example, the best time to visit a water park to avoid the lines, etc.

Brightwood Inn is located in beautiful Oglesby, Illinois, which is just a short distance from Starved Rock. If you donโ€™t know the area, then feel free to ask us too.