Spring in Full Bloom!

Well, spring has definitely sprung here at the Brightwood Inn.  Flowers are blooming all over the place and I have to cut the grass..........again.  AND IT'S ONLY MARCH!  This is crazy, but you sure can't beat this weather.  Today I went around the Inn, taking pictures.  I love strolling around our grounds in springtime.  I like to watch all the things we planted out here turn green and start to grow again.  The lilacs are almost in full bloom and you can't go anywhere without smelling them.  I would rank the smell of lilacs in the top three of flower scents.  Honeysuckle and black locust would be there as well.  As a side note to anyone that likes to come down for Starved Rocks' wildflower walk, the time they have it scheduled for will be too late.  Mother Nature is a fickle woman, this year she decided to bring spring much earlier than anytime before.  I would say the next couple of weeks will probably be peak for wild flowers in the parks.  I walked into the woods a little bit today and saw a few here and there.  I'd bet that if I walked a little farther, I would have found a lot more. So if you're coming down (up, over, whatever) to the parks, make sure you stop by the Brightwood Inn.  Better yet, stay in one of our beautiful rooms, and we'll serve you a great breakfast to start the day and hit the trails.  Everyone at the Brightwood Inn hopes you'll have a wonderful day!