Re-Open May 1st!!

Just so everyone knows, we are going RE-OPEN on May 1st!! We will be taking several more precautionary steps on top of the already strict, cleaning and sanitizing procedures of our Inn. We are family run, there are no outsiders that work here, we do it all. We will only be open on the weekends and there is a two night minimum. That way the room will be vacant for five days until the next people rent it.

Breakfast will be served to your personal rooms, in a breakfast basket. The basket will contain some fruit breads and muffins of some sort, two parfaits consisting of - fresh fruit, yogurt and Kevin's homemade granola - coffee, juice and a breakfast scramble, which will have various ingredients for you to choose from. Or you can refuse Breakfast altogether, it won't hurt our feelings. Sleep in!!

No plates, mugs, glasses and condiments will be available from the common room but will be available upon request. Also the fridge in the common room has been turned off so if you need to keep something cold, make sure you bring a cooler. Ice will be available, but only on request. Extra glasses and wine openers will be put into you personal rooms for your use. Lastly, we will remove the filtered water jug from the common room, so make sure you bring your own bottled water.

All surface areas and commonly used objects (aka, door handles, light switches, TV remotes, key fobs, etc) will be sanitized before your arrival. You can also bring your own wipes and double up on protection before you get settled in!!

We need to stay positive, and we are sending positive energy to those who are infected with the virus. If you're feeling well and a bit claustrophobic, come get some fresh air at the Brightwood Inn. We have books, all the rooms have fireplaces. Not everything is closed down, we know of some places to walk or hike!! There's a good sized nature preserve in Ottawa and they will be re-opening the I&M canal on May 1st. If you have never hiked the canal you will be in for a nice surprise. It's one of our favorite places to hike! We also know which restaurants are open for carryout and delivery.

We will be keeping our winter rates in place for now, we know as good as anyone else how tight money can be right now.

We at the Brightwood Inn appreciate any support or patronage in these tough times. Us small Mom and Pop businesses take a pretty big hit and it's you that helps us make it through.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Best Regards,

The Ryan Family