Well it looks like the weather is going to be great this weekend.  From what I've seen 90's during the day then dipping down into the 60's at night.  Mostly sunny.  If the weathermen are right it will be a great Memorial Day weekend.

We have a few rooms available.  You can stay two nights Friday and Saturday or one night Friday or Saturday.  There is only one room available on Sunday night and it is our Sequoia room. Your room comes with a full hot breakfast in the morning.  We do some fantastic breakfasts.  Kevin Ryan, the chef from the Nodding Onion is your breakfast chef.

Go out for a peaceful hike at Starved Rock or Matthiessen State Park. Come back to your luxurious, cool, air conditioned room and enjoy your Jacuzzi tub, warm or cool, however you like it. You can play games in the gathering room. Read a book while gazing out at our beautiful surroundings.  Take a nap. Be as busy or laid back as you want to be.   The possibilities are endless.  Call 815-667-4600 to book your room or book right here on our website.  See you Soon