Memorial Day Weekend is Coming!!!

Only two rooms left for two days or more.  Otherwise there are a couple for Friday only and Sunday only.  Looks like decent weather to kick start the summer.  It was a long brutal winter, time to get outside soak up some vitamin D and breathe that fresh beautiful unfrozen air.  Let me think of some outside things you could do..... Hike, Bike (on the canal or Mountain Biking), Canoe, Skydive, Zip Line, Horseback ride... and the list goes on and on. We are just two minutes from Starved Rock State Park and the Illinois and Michigan Canal, plus we are surrounded on three sides by Matthiessen State Park.  Matthiessen is one the lesser known state parks in the area but is equally as beautiful.  You can hike inside the canyons and see the waterfalls or you can hike the bluff and look down on it all.  Either way, it is quite beautiful.  And after a a nice day of being outdoors, you can rest up in one of our beautiful rooms and get ready to go out for dinner in one of the many restaurants close by.  We have a wide range of restaurants for you to choose from, we have a a couple of lists here at the Inn and a basket full of their menus, so that when you check in, you can peruse the different menu's until you find something that you both can decide on.  We also have directions to them all as well.  If you feel like staying in, there is a Pizza place and a sandwich shop that delivers out here!

Memorial Day eagle.

And during Memorial day weekend, everyone at the Bightwood Inn would like to take a moment and think of those who gave everything so that we may live in this country with the freedom that everyone deserves!