First Time at a Bed and Breakfast? Here are some things you should know about us!

We get a lot of people in this neck of the woods that tell us this is their first Bed and Breakfast experience. That's great! You are going to love it here! Unfortunately some people have some misconceptions about what a Bed and Breakfast offers.  Let me start out by saying we are not a Hostile, nor are we a large house that rents out our spare rooms. All of our rooms have their own private bathrooms, all of our rooms come with their own sheets and linens and we do not live in the Inn itself,  we live in the house that's 200 yards to the southeast. (Which by the way is a grueling 30 second commute ;) ) There is a combination lock on the front door, and you get a key to your own room, so you may come and go as you please through out the day and night. So in many ways we are kind of like a hotel.

Brightwood Inn Side tortola room.

But to tell you the truth, we ARE different than a Hotel, in a good way!  We go out of our way to make our rooms more comfortable and more unique than a hotel, to leave a lasting impression, unlike a cookie cutter hotel where you know exactly what to expect each time, and every room looks the same as the next.  We have big fluffy towels, unlike those scratchy things you get at hotels, we have mattresses with pillow tops and feather beds and all of our sheets are made of the best materials and high thread count that we can find.  All of our nine rooms have a beautiful view and gas fireplaces for those chilly nights. Six rooms have two person hot tubs with fluffy robes and three have their own private balcony.

Vieux Carre balcony view. Brightwood Inn fireplace.

And can you get Eggs Benedict at a Days Inn?  How about Irish Cream French Toast, made to order Omelets or Apple Cinnamon Whole Grain Pancakes? One of the best parts of staying at our Starved Rock Bed and Breakfast is our homemade breakfasts!  So here is something you should know about breakfast at a B&B. We go out of our way to make wonderful breakfasts, however we can only offer a couple of entrees each morning.  Here is an example of what might be offered for breakfast at the Brightwood Inn.


First off, we set up the side board with homemade breads, muffins, coffee cake, Homemade Granola, wheat flakes, some fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, coffee and tea.  Grab a plate and a mug and help yourself to the side board, then sit down in our beautiful breakfast room and Our Innkeepers will present you with today's entree options, and get your order for juice.

Saturday Morning - Dutch Apple Whole Grain Pancakes with maple whipped cream - or - Garden Fresh Frittata with Pancetta and Parmesan (Frittata is just a fancy way of saying oven baked omelet)  - or - Scrambled eggs, Applewood bacon and Whole Wheat Toast.

Sunday Morning - Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Casserole with butter and brown sugar glaze - or - Eggs Mornay (Lightly poached eggs on top of slices of ham and toasted English muffins, topped with a Swiss cheese and white wine sauce) - or - Scrambled eggs, Applewood bacon and Whole Wheat Toast.

eggs benny

We always offer the scrambled eggs as an option every morning if you are not feeling adventurous or you just want something simple like eggs.  Hey! We get it, we've been there!  We also inquire about food allergies and restrictions so that everyone has something they can eat.  It can get pretty tricky some days, but we manage to make everyone happy!

And to set another misconception straight, everyone has their own table at the Brightwood Inn.  We know not everyone likes to sit at a table and talk to strangers while your eating your breakfast.  So, sit back and relax and have a peaceful breakfast.  But we do have larger tables if people do decide to sit together, and it happens all the time.  At a small Inn like this you run into people with whom you have things in common. It also can be fun to communicate with people outside your own little world.

Brightwood Inn dining room.

And finally, the best thing about your bed and breakfast experience are your Innkeepers. For starters, we know the area best! Got a question?  We got an answer! We know the best restaurants, sights to see and when to see them. We want you to have a very memorable experience at our Quiet Country Inn, we've put our heart and soul into this place. there is always room for improvement so Please let us know what can we do to make your next visit even better.  With in reason of course! ;) Make sure you check out our packages as well, add something to make your experience even more memorable!

Man putting sauce on ribs at festival.

We sincerely hope our little blog helps!  And as always, if you have any other questions, always feel free to ask!!