Fall 2015

So far the fall of 2016 has been above average temperatures and way below average precipitation.  Thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia we are experiencing a little relief in the precipitation department.  Temperatures still look to be above average in the 10 day forecast.  We've only had one bout with freezing temperatures so far.  Two weekends ago we got a freeze advisory, so we went out and covered up the garden really good. The temperature got down to 29 degrees and unfortunately most of hard work was in vain. Our garden really took it on the chin killing ninety percent of the plants.  The good news is that our efforts did help keep all the fruit and vegetables form freezing, so that we can still harvest them. One thing I found interesting was that the morning glory on the back patio, which is normally a very temperature sensitive plant, remains virtually unscathed from the event.  All I can think of is that it was on a more protected side of the Inn.

Purple fall flowers.

The ten day forecast still looks very good, I don't know about you, but I could take this kind of weather all winter long.  So there are still flowers blooming all over the Inn and the fall colors are still going strong. Personally, Fall is my favorite season.  The crisp air, the smell of the leaves and maybe a distant campfire. It's just a little chilly outside but nothing a nice little hike won't warm you up fast.  A time when you can enjoy a campfire outside with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Regular or adult version ;)

Large Brightwood Inn backyard. Pink fall flowers. Pink fall flowers. Yellow fall flowers.

These are some pictures I took just yesterday out around the Inn and with weather like what we've been having, I don't see it changing till farther in the future! Relax and Enjoy at the Brightwood Inn!