Be Cautious!

I received a couple of calls this week from people who were trying to book a room here at the inn from sites other than our own.  One man was told that our $135 rooms have Jacuzzi's, and were available for Saturday evening. Neither of the those rooms have Jacuzzi's and we have no available rooms for Saturday April 14th.  The other was a woman who was told that pets stay free and are welcome in any room. It clearly states on the policy page on the Brightwood Inn website that pets are welcome on the first floor only and are $25 plus tax per pet per night.

Last weekend we had a couple come in who had made reservations on another site, and when they got here they wanted to know where our horse stables and trails were.  We do not have horseback riding on our property. There are stables very close to us, but not on our property. They had a print out that showed we had horseback riding on site.

Please, when you make your reservations, book directly with the property you are considering to prevent these kinds of things from happening. There are dozens of sites out there concerning the Brightwood Inn.  The majority have never contacted us, know nothing about us, and make claims that are not true.  We can only be responsible for the content of our website and our website alone.  Please call us at 815-667-4600 if you have any questions.  Thank You