5 Ways To Spark Romance At Brightwood Inn

romantic getaway at brightwood innSoon, the leaves will begin to change and brightly colored trees of brown, amber and red will surround Brightwood Inn. Crisp air will fill our lungs as the most scenic and beautiful part of the year arrives. It’s the perfect time to rekindle a beloved romance.

Life always seems to get in the way, but it’s important to keep romance alive. We can help make your experience memorable with these five tips for your stay.

Keep the kids with a babysitter

Children are amazing and we often give our all for them, but they’re the antithesis of romantic. How many special dinners or date nights have been delayed or cancelled because of baseball practice, fevers and volleyball games. If you want to make this a weekend you and your significant other will remember for the rest of your lives, then get grandma and grandpa to take them for a few days. You’ll enjoy every moment without worrying about arguing, fighting or the endless parental duties.

Take advantage of amenities

Odds are your home is made more for function than comfort. Instead of a luxurious hot tub, you’ve got a standing shower or shallow bathtub that you can’t just sit and soak in. Brightwood Inn makes comfort a priority. The cool fall air mixed with the heat of our fireplace can turn even the coldest relationship red hot. Close your eyes and let your body relax in one of room’s hot tubs before getting out and putting on one of our signature robes.

Breakfast of romantic champions

Food is a pleasure, at least it should be. When you’re at home, you’re counting carbs and calories, but when you come to Brightwood Inn, you can live a little. For many, romance isn’t just flowers and candy, but being pampered, and eating an amazing breakfast can be a perfect start to the day. We prepare homemade muffins, breads and more to get your romantic day started off right.

Explore the fall colors

If you want to rekindle your love, then just look out your window and see the endless fall colors the area has to offer. A quick drive to Starved Rock State Park and a few hours hiking the canyons hand in hand will make you feel like newlyweds again. Take your time and enjoy every minute of the fall air and the beautiful trees and scenery that the area provides. Pack a picnic and let the sounds of nature take all your stresses away.

A quiet night in

A romantic getaway is all about the two of you. So, when the sun starts to set don’t head out into the town. A nice quiet romantic night in at Brightwood Inn is the perfect medicine for your relationship. Cuddle up in our luxurious bed and watch a movie or go out onto the balcony and just talk like you used to. Brightwood Inn is all about life, love and happiness and that shines through in everything we do.