Mushroom Hunting

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine and I went mushroom hunting in the woods.  The mushroom specifically was the morel mushroom.  Those of you who know what I'm talking about know that the morel mushroom is one of the most tasty of all wild mushrooms.  The morel cannot be grown commercially, making it a very expensive mushroom to boot. Years ago when we still had a restaurant, we did a morel event and back then a small box of morels cost me about eighty dollars. So that may be the main reason why I started hunting them.  Plus any reason to go for hike is a good one!  But mushroom hunting is a very slow hike.  Morels especially, blend in with it's scenery very well.  Unless they are really big there is a good chance you may miss it.  So my friend and I were invited to another friends property around the Granville area.  It's a nice piece of property with all the right ingredients for growing morels.  Morels like a forest floor with decomposing mater all around.  There were two legs to this piece of property, so we choose the north leg first.  We probably hiked it for an hour and a half and we only found some shelfies growing on some dead trees.Morels   I had no idea what kind of mushrooms they were and they didn't look very appetizing, kind of dry and woody, so we left them were they were.  The area kinda looked like a flash flood had come through with some rain we had about a week earlier, so we decided to give up and try the west leg.  The west area was a really nice piece of property with a nice creek winding it's way through.  About a half hour through it my friend spots the first one!Morels  I don't know how he found it, cause it was the smallest morel I have seen!  But that means they're out there!  So we went over the immediate area with a fine tooth comb.  Then I found one!Morels  A decent sized one, then there was another a foot or two away.  Then there was nothing..... I mean nothing!  I thought for sure we were gonna go home with three lousy mushrooms!  So after an hour my friend says "Ten more minutes, then let's head back.".  So I agreed and we carried on.  I think it was five minutes after he said that I heard him say "Oh my god!  You're not going to believe this!".  Was it not all for nothing after all?  As I caught up to him I didn't see anything first, but I got five feet from him...........JACKPOT BABY!  Some of the biggest morels I've ever seen!  I'd say about 30-40 of them!  It was truly a thing of beauty.  After we picked them all, we agreed to call it a day and headed back, always keeping our eyes open for more, just in case.  That night he had his with steaks and I did the same the next day.  It was simply delicious! I was thinking of trying again in a day or two, but life happens, and hey, I'm happy with what I got!  So if you ever need advice on hunting these little beauties, I'll tell you what I know, but I will never tell you were I went! ;)MorelsMorels