Cross Country Skiing

We had a beautiful 5 and a half inches of snow the other day.  A beautiful white powder that is just perfect for cross country skiing.  A little known fact for our area, Matthiessen State Park not only has  six miles of cross country skiing trails but they also rent cross country skis.

Snow on the ground at sunset.It really is fun and exhilarating to be shushing through the beautiful trails, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet.  Fresh air and exercise will do the body and mind good!  The temperatures are suppose to rebound for this weekend into the 20's, the winds are suppose to die down and I think that is some perfect cross country skiing weather!


Bald eagleIf your not up for the skiing, the Bald Eagles are back in force.  I see them every year and I can't get enough of them.  They are so grand and majestic.  I sure am glad the Benjamin Franklin didn't get his way and that our national bird is not the Turkey.  Now we have Wild Turkeys in the area as well and they are fun to watch too but as for a national symbol... I'll take the Bald Eagle, hands down.  We also have some Eagle nests in the area that we can point out to you.  If you've never seen one, it's truly something!  They are so big, I think two humans could crawl up inside it and be quite comfortable.  I am not exaggerating.

Ice Falls at Starved Rock.And as always, just going for a hike in a winter wonderland is just fun as well.  I can't update you on the waterfall situation, I haven't been myself yet and none of our guests have reported back to me but I'm sure the bluffs and all this snow look beautiful right now and with these temperatures, the snow ain't goin nowhere, anytime soon!


So whether your here for some skiing, birding or just hiking, our Starved Rock Lodging is perfect for you.  All our rooms have fireplaces, some have hot tubs and all have great views!  We are just 2 minutes from skiing and four minutes from the Eagles.  Stay Warm Everyone!!