Yep that's right -  gas is $2.99 a gallon here.  This is an excellent after Christmas present.  Much needed to get the nation moving!  So if you're looking to get out of the city for some country relaxing, now is the perfect time.  We have a few rooms left for New Year's Eve. I posted a picture of an Eagle nest on our Facebook page.  The nest is near the Brightwood Inn and there is another occupied nest near Starved Rock State Park. When you get up close to them you can see that the eagles don't use twigs for their nests, but instead use thick sticks.  They must have very strong beaks! Yesterday as I drove into town there were two full grown bald eagles perched in a tree near the Illinois River.  There are often Eagles perched on this particular tree.  Sometimes they're full grown and sometimes they're immature.  There is no guarantee that the river will freeze, but when and if it does, the eagles will congregate at the lock and dam by Starved Rock State Park to feed.  Even when the river is frozen solid, the dam keeps the water around it open and flowing allowing the eagles to feed on the fish. When that happens you may see many many eagles at one time in one place.  I was once out in my yard and knew that there was an eagle feeding across the street behind the Village Green House Liquor Store in Utica.  I don't know if something startled him or what, but he took off and flew directly over my head.  When he was above me and I looked up and saw his wing span all I could think of was, please don't pick me up!  They really are large birds.  So if you've never seen an eagle or you come every year to see them, we would love it if you would stay at the Brightwood Inn  888-667-0600 to book a room.  Or book from the website.  Either way we'd love to see you.  Don't forget each room comes with a full hot breakfast made from scratch the next morning.