Now through Jan. 12th

The Holidays are over.  Time to relax and reconnect with your loved one.  Now through January 12th 2013, all of our hot tub rooms are going for just $125.00 plus tax.  The only exclusion is the Aspen Suite.  Check out pictures of our rooms at the Rooms and Rates tab and give us a call at 888-667-0600 today!  You must mention this post!!!

We are seeing Eagles everyday now, as a matter of fact, we have found three eagle nests!  One of the nests had two eagles in it.  It was fun and somewhat awe inspiring watching them.  I'll try to post some pictures of them, but I don't think they turned out all that great. Two of the nests are pretty easy to find, but the third one takes a little hiking and a pair of binoculars to see it.  Nothing wrong with that though, a little fresh air will do you some good on these gloomy winter days.  And if you stay at the the Brightwood Inn, after you are done hiking around in the cold, you can come back to your warm fireplace and relax in the hot tub!  Have some cookies, hot chocolate...... Now that'll do the soul some good!

Another good thing to do to reconnect with your loved one on the winter days are games.  We have an assortment here, but we've been noticing more and more people bringing their own.  It's perfect if you think about it, turn on the fireplace, slip on one of our comfy robes, pour yourself your favorite beverage of choice (hot chocolate or a glass of wine, the choice is up to you!) and have some fun.  Who knows, maybe you'll laugh a little, maybe you'll laugh a lot.  It helps inspire conversation and that is how we connect with our loved ones, talking. Your reconnection starts at the Brightwood Inn, give us a call today!