Hi to all of you who are thinking of purchasing a Living Social voucher.  We have had a ton of questions about dog friendly rooms.  We have one dog friendly room.  It is called Vieux Carre and is on the first floor. If you have purchased a voucher for any other room you may not bring your pet. There is a charge of $25 plus tax per pet per night.  You must be willing to be with your pet the entire time you are here. If you go out for dinner your pet must accompany you.

The LS price is based on two people.   Door County and Turkey Run can not accommodate more than two people. The other LS rooms can accommodate more people. There is an additional charge of $25 plus tax per person per night. Please call and ask about additional people in advance as some rooms are much larger than others.

The promotional value of your voucher expires on May 31st 2013.  The face value of your voucher expires in 2018.  These are the parameters that Living Social sets.

Vouchers are not accepted on Saturday nights. We only do full rack rate on Saturday nights.

If you would like to make a reservation using your LS voucher you must call us at 815-667-4600.  If you reserve online our reservation system will automatically charge your credit card.

The rooms come with a full hot breakfast on the day of your departure  Check in is at 3pm and check out is at 11am.