Hi Everyone,

Yes we are doing a Living Social!  I just had my first call from someone who bought two vouchers and wanted to use them on a Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday is not included in the Living Social.  There are 6 other nights that you can use the vouchers.  Sunday thru Friday are the nights the LS is valid!  You can stay between now and April 30.  That's a whole lot of nights that we are making available.  Go to check availability, put in the date you are looking for and if the room comes up, it is available that night.  If it doesn't show up, it is not available.  Our reservation system is real time so it is always current.  Our office is closed from 6pm to 8am.   However, you can call 815-667-4600 any day between 8am and 6pm and we will be happy to help you.

Remember, you have to call to make your reservation.  Please do not make your reservation online. Please do not buy a voucher to use on a Saturday night. We will not accept them.