Gift Certificates – Free $25 for every $100 purchase.

Merry Christmas Everybody,

Just got a call from an extremely nice gentleman inquiring about gift certificates. He knew he wanted to buy one, but he just didn't know how to go about it.  This past summer I inquired about adding something to our website that would make it easy to sell gift certificates.  I was told I had to go here and do this and go there and do that, and in a nutshell it just wasn't that easy to do. Being summer and all I then forgot all about it.

Now it's Christmas time and people are wondering how to buy them. So here ya go folks. You give me a call at 815-667-4600 and I will take all of your information. In 2-3 days your GC will arrive by USPS. It's simply that easy.  I am going to be giving everyone who buys a gift certificate $25 Brightwood Bucks free for every $100 purchased.  They will be good towards any room and you can keep them for yourself or gift them.

If anyone knows of any easy way to add a gift certificate purchase thingee ( for lack of the proper term) to our website please let me know. I was on a website the other day that said click here to purchase a gift certificate.  After I had clicked 6 times I finally got to the actual purchase page.  I don't want anyone to have to click 6 times.  To me that is NOT user friendly.