Aronia Berry the Super Food!!

Aronia Berry the Super Food!!

I don't know how many of you are aware that we grow Aronia Berries on our front two and a half acres. The short way to sum up Aronia's is that they are a SUPER FOOD. Their ORAC value or anti-oxidant level is higher than any other food. Plus they have a tremendous amount of other healthy properties which I will list later.

This year we have a pretty good crop, we are expecting over 500 pounds so I also want to make you aware that we do sell to the public, as berries in one pound bag for $5.00 or the raw juice for, 46 oz. $20.00. We have many suggestions on what you can do with the berries by themselves, like Aronia berry muffins or Aronia berry Salsa, but the easiest thing to do is throw a cup of them in with your smoothie. Also as the juice, I drink 4oz in the morning and then 4oz in the evening. Now we are not set up for delivery so everything is cash and carry, but then you could also pick up a bag of our homemade granola as well! Or better yet, stay at the Brightwood Inn and relax, then take some home with you!!

Aronia berry cluster. Aronia berry on branch.

As promised here are the other benefits!


Highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit in the world.

Regulates blood pressure levels

Prevents and helps in treatment of Diabetes

Improves Blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels

Helps in urinary tract health

Helps in gastro protective effect

Anti carcinogen effect {Anti cancer properties)

Anti inflammatory properties

Protects your eyes

Helps control weight

Reduces allergy production

Inhibits enzymes that break down collagen

Improves the function of respiratory systems

Protects heart cells from cell membrane damage

Nutrient dense, wide range of vitamins and minerals including

zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamins b, c, and k, and quinic acid.