Something New to Do!!

There is something new to do in the Starved Rock Area! Tom Aussem of “Awesome Ottawa Tours” Wants to show you some of our local history with his “Hidden Caves and Forgotten Graveyards” Hiking and biking tours. Tom wants to show you the local Indian Burials, Pioneer Graveyards and hidden caves of the area. But that’s not all! He also offers tours of downtown Ottawa with local history, underground railroad, canal and the Radium Girls. And on the lighter side he offers a cocktail tour with local saloons and their history, as well as a food walk, featuring some of our local restaurants and fare, along with some history. Then for the strong hearted, he offers a Haunted Ottawa tour!! In this tour he covers “Ottawa’s history of Suicide, Murder and Mayhem”.

So, get some local history, a little exercise, fresh air and have some fun! Then, stay at the Brightwood Inn and relax and enjoy the peace and quite of country living and a great home cooked breakfast the next day! Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!!

Tom’s Flyer for his Awesome Ottawa Tours

Here’s Tom’s Schedule of all the different tours that he does!

Also check out his Face Book page to see more pictures and get more information on all he has to offer.

Winter At Brightwood Inn

Winter at Brightwood InnIt’s that time of year again when Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose and the temperatures plummet. Rain turns to snow and soon Brightwood Inn and the entire Illinois Valley area are covered in a blanket of white. When winter arrives, the area is transformed and a whole new world opens up. The luscious greens of spring and colors of fall are replaced by serene white and is just as breathtaking.

Ice Falls

During the spring and summer, thousands of people visit Starved Rock State Park. Along with the flora and fauna, the falls are a major attraction for the park. You’ll see countless pictures of people on social media under the falls, but you’ll hardly see anything at winter.

Once the temperature drops, the falls become like mini glaciers suspended in time.  The loud sound of falling winter is replaced with introspective stillness as you stare at Mother Nature’s ice sculptures. You never know what animals you’ll see as you walk the trails and enjoy the scenery.

Holiday Lights

Even when Christmas is over, people still keep their lights on for weeks after the holiday. There’s nothing like a leisurely drive to the many towns in the area to look at the beautiful display of lights. While there, take in some of the local stores and restaurants to find items and food you can’t get anywhere else. The Illinois Valley is known for its cuisine from American to Mexican food.

Our Own Winter Wonderland

Who says you have to go anywhere to enjoy the winter landscapes? Brightwood Inn has beautiful views from the comfort of your room. There’s no need to bundle up and brave the cold weather when you can admire everything from a balcony or from our dining area. You won’t regret staying in a day or two of your visit and just enjoying each other’s company or the beauty of the hotel rooms. Winter isn’t going anywhere for a while.